Modular Furniture Fittings and Accessories

Modular Office Furniture Hardware Fittings and Accessories plays a major role in setting of office furniture, home furniture etc. We are the manufacturers, suppliers and dealers for ST Inserts for Wood, ABS Furniture Levellers, cross nuts, self pin, Self Tapping Insert, Bottom Mount Drawer Slides, Telescopic Slide, CPU Stand, Multi-purpose Lock, Castors, L Angle Brackets, D-Handle, Hanger Brackets, Leveller Bush, UTD Drawer Stoppers, Lock Stopper, Plinth Pin (Nail Bush), M4 Connecting Screw, Glass Side Bracket, Glass Corner Bracket, Furniture Wheel U Clamp, Metal L Brackets, Minifix Assembly and many more products. We are one of the largest dealers for wardrobe fittings, modular kitchen fittings, office fittings in Bangalore.

Best Modular Furniture Hardware Fittings Manufacturers in India

To get good quality of modular office furniture fitting accessories contact us. We can offer a wide range of Furniture Accessories which gives an elegant look to your office. Our product gives perfect fittings to furniture. Our products are completely designed based on the client requirement. We supply our furniture fittings and accessories all over India including major cities Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mangalore, Faridabad, Mysore, Hubli, Belgaum, Solapur, Kolhapur, Coimbatore etc. Our products are appreciated by our clients for its exclusive designs, sizes, specifications and best price in market.

We are a top supplier of furniture fitting accessories in India. Our products are fabricated by using the best quality materials. We have a rich industrial experience in delivering quality products to our customers. We provide different types of modular furniture fittings like ST Inserts, levelers, leveller bush, shelf pins, shelf tapping inserts for wood, drawer slides, telescopic slides, CPU stand, multi-purpose lock, chair wheel castors, angle brackets etc.

Known for our top-notch quality with value for money pricing and a wide range, Devatha Industries truly personify the drive to Make in India. If we talk about our strengths, we have a range of core competencies in manufacturing Modular Furniture Hardware Fittings and Accessories and other product ranges, maintaining stringent quality standards, cost-effective prices, and an all-India distribution network. Our professional teammates put special focus on the manufacturing details of Modular Furniture Hardware Fittings and Accessories. We do not overlook anything while creating them. Everything is performed with the utmost care and precision.

At Devatha Industries, we are passionate about manufacturing the best quality Modular Furniture Hardware Fittings and Accessories. We use cutting edge technology and hi-tech precision machinery for the same. We manufacture all our products in such a manner that they fulfil the demands of the Indian market. We regard our customers and provide them unrivalled after-sales service and warranty support too. The products manufactured at Devatha Industries have a 360-degree approach towards our customers. We are highly innovative and responsible in the arena of crafting Modular Furniture Hardware Fittings and Accessories. Order Modular Furniture Hardware Fittings and Accessories at the best rates today!

ST Insert for Wood (D Nuts)

We offer threaded wood fasteners in three different styles and in brass, stainless steel, or zinc alloy construction.

  • Inch sizes in coarse or fine thread are available.
  • Metric sizes also available.
  • Our inventory of inserts makes it easy to find the right one for your specific application.
  • Hard wood inserts and soft wood inserts are designed to prevent stripping and thread erosion, and provide superior holding power in all applications.
Furniture Levellers

Made out of ABS unbreakable material and available in different sizes.

  • M10 X50mm Leveller (Screw Leg), ABS Unbreakable, Round base
  • M6 X40mm Leveller, ABS Unbreakable, Round base.
  • M10 X 25 mm Leveller, ABS Unbreakable, Round base
  • M10 X 25 mm Levellers, ABS Unbreakable, Doom base
  • M8 X 25 mm Leveller, ABS Unbreakable (Doom Base)
  • M12 X 30mm Leveller, ABS Unbreakable, Pyramid base
  • 3/8" X 25 mm Leveller, ABS Unbreakable (Doom base)
  • 3/8" X 50 mm Leveller, ABS Unbreakable ,Doom base.
  • M6 X25mm Leveller, ABS Unbreakable.
Furniture Leveller ABS

Devatha Industrial Corporation is one of the major suppliers of ABS Furniture Levellers in India. They are made from ABS plastic materials and are available in different sizes. We have supply network all over India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi etc.

Furniture Levellers with Cross Nut
Shelf Support Pin for Wood and Glass
Bottom Mount Drawer Slides
Telescopic CPU Stand
Multi-purpose Lock
Castors and Leveller Bush
Angle Brackets
Hanger Brackets
Cross Nut (T Nut or Tee Nuts)
L Angle Bracket
UTD Stoppers
Lock Stopper
Plinth Pin (Nail Bush)
M4 Connecting Screw
Glass Side Bracket
Glass Corner Bracket
PVC and Rubber Extrusion Profiles
Metal L Bracket
Self Tapping Insert for Wood
Telescopic Slide

Telescopic Slide enables easy and smooth movement of keyboard trays in channels. They are made from quality materials and conforms to international quality standards.

Leveller Bush

A well functional and spacious infrastructural unit where we manufacture these products in an efficient manner.

  • This 40mm dia Leveller Bush is made up of Nylon material
  • This is used to mount under the Wooden UTD to adjust the floor level.
  • Available in different colours.
UTD Drawer Stoppers

UTD Drawer Stoppers help the drawers to stop at certain position after pulling out. These are fabricated from high quality plastic materials and have long life. We supply these UTD Stoppers at specific size as required by customers.

Furniture Wheel U Clamp
Minifix Assembly

We supply Minifix Assembly that are used for modular furniture fittings. We supply these products at bulk quantities and at very good price.

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