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Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair. The odd is your physical health can get jeopardized if you are sitting for an extended period, especially in a chair not ergonomically designed.

We at Devatha Industrial Corporation have been doing extensive research to manufacture the best quality office chairs keeping in mind the productivity and efficiency of the person sitting in them. Hence, you get the best selection of chairs to match your specific need.

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Why choosing a good-quality office chairs is crucial?

We as one of the leading office chair manufacturers in Bangalore prioritize the comfort of sitting in a good chair. We believe that a high-quality chair can prevent problems like back pain, fatigue, and discomfort from sitting in the wrong chair for long hours. Our high quality office chairs are available at affordable price.

It has been discovered that a person is more productive and contributes to a positive work environment if he is comfortable with the sitting system, especially a good quality chair.

What makes us exclusive office chair manufacturers in India?

Devatha Chairs are manufactured considering the certain standards and norms which are highlighted below. Because of our strict compliance to these factors, today we have become one stop destination for wholesale office chairs in Bangalore and India.

We prioritize quality over quantity:

It is significant to consider the durability while manufacturing office chairs. Our team of manufacturers determines everything- right from how much padded the seats will be to the longevity of the chair as a whole. We provide high-quality materials, including soft padding and breathable fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and extensive performance, thus allowing you to save on replacement.

Adjustable backrest:

We believe in providing the utmost comfort to our consumers. Chairs with adjustable backrests provide support to the lumbar portion of your back. Considering this aspect, we manufacture office chairs with a backrest that is adjustable to both its height and angle.

Our backrests are designed to support the curve of your spine, especially your lower spine. Our backrest chairs also have a locking mechanism to hold a good position of your chair that you've decided upon.

Adjustable armrest:

While making the armrest of an office chair, we consider a few aspects of your body. We ensure that our office chair's armrest provides considerable support to your neck, shoulders, and upper torso of your body. It will help remove stress and reduce stress on neck and shoulder muscles. Our chairs are well-designed to help you maintain a natural spine posture and will prevent your tendency to slump and slouch.

Appropriate height, width, and depth of the chair:

As one of the best office chair manufacturers in India, we consider the importance of adjusting your seat to a desirable height. Our research team confirms that seat height ranging from 16 to 21 inches off the floor is ideal for ensuring comfort to most people. This height allows the user to keep his feet flat on the floor with thighs at a horizontal position and arms at the desk height.

It is equally important to take care of the width and depth of the chairs. Our chairs are 17-20 inches wide to ensure maximum comfort for users. Similarly, our chairs have enough depth to help the users sit with their back against the backrest while leaving a 2-4 inches gap between the seat of the chair and the back of the knees.

Wheel and swivel-based chairs:

Our revolving office chairs are by far the best. Keeping the office carpet in mind, we manufacture revolving office chairs with wheels specially made for carpets. Rolling is a crucial aspect of any chair to prevent strain while reaching across a desk to retrieve out-of-the-reach items. Office chairs need to swivel freely to access different parts of the desk. Keeping the right human posture in mind, our office chairs swivel to prevent arm fatigue.

Chairs to support your lumbar:

Being the best office chairs manufacturers in Bangalore, we specialize in making chairs keeping your health hygiene in mind. One of the aspects to consider while manufacturing office chairs is how a chair should support your lumbar spine. The lumbar spine has an inward curve that tends to slouch, if not supported, during your sitting period. However, our office chairs ensure the lumber can be at adjustable height and depth-wise to support the inward curve of your lower back throughout your sitting time.

The reclining quality:

Our office chairs have a glide mechanism to enable you to recline to a comfortable position while seated in the chair. Our reclining office chairs provide relief to your back from office work stress. It also improves your sitting postures and reduces pressure on the hips. Unlike traditional office chair manufacturers, Devatha believes in giving the best to its consumers in terms of comfort and health benefits.

Devatha is the leading office chairs manufacturers in Bangalore, India. We strive to design chairs that not only become an integral part of your office décor but also take care of the health influences our chairs will have on the person sitting in them. We firmly believe that any organization must spend money on good quality office chairs that highly promote the back health of the users and keep employees from missing work due to injuries.

The Best Office Chair Manufacturers in Bangalore

Declan is one of the well-known brands of the Devatha Industrial Corporation. We were established in 1998 and have served the modular furniture segment for over 25 years.

Today, we have successfully established a strong Pan India network. Our products are appreciated for their outstanding quality, durability, reliability, and affordability across industries. Our office chairs and modular office furniture are sold under the Declan brand.

We manufacture quality chairs, office furniture, workstations according to the latest market scope for the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. Our brand DECLAN is a state-of-the-art office furniture company, specializing in design, manufacturing, and providing efficient solutions. We supply standard quality office furniture for companies and organizations. We understand the requirements to improve your office with long-lasting and economical compatibility. If you are establishing enlarging or restructuring your company’s corporate office, educational, healthcare, or in the hospitality sectors, we are the best option for your solution. Our creative, smart, and unique ideas are only for your company to grow professionally. Our professional team of consultants is happy to help with furniture planning, designs, and ideas for creative office space.

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